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Dog walker in Shenfield

My name is Brian and I'm a professional dog walker based in Shenfield and a lifelong dog lover, having owned some lovely mutts over the years. I returned to the UK in 2017 after spending almost 12 years teaching in Italy and realised that unless I wanted to teach, finding a decent job was going to be difficult, having hit the wrong side of 50.

While I was working out what to do, I looked after a couple of dogs as a favour, and a friend joked that I should be charging for it. I've always loved dogs and spent 5 years helping to run a boarding kennels in the past, so the idea made a lot of sense. Getting paid to do something you enjoy can't be beaten!

In addition to dog walking I design websites, which is work I can do at any time, so I combine being a dog walker during the day and building websites in the evening. That aside, I love dogs and even if it's now a business for me, it's something I enjoy, day in day out. But then if you're a dog owner you'll understand that anyway.

Over the years I've had quite a few dogs, usually bigger breed. That includes a couple of Rotties, a couple of Great Danes, an English Mastiff, Boxer, Alsatian and a Labrador, plus four smaller cross-breeds that came as a package deal with girlfriends. My favourite will always be Dusty, my first Rottie.

I know most dog walkers try to maximise their earnings by walking as many dogs at one time as possible, but unless they're from the same household, I never walk more than four at a time. In most cases, dogs are walked individually, which means I can get to understand their personalities much better. I've nothing against larger groups; it's just a personal preference.